It would be a great disservice to ourselves, our clients, and our ever-growing reader base if we didn't highlight the current resurgence of a shade so powerful, timeless, and memorable that it has inspired not only the style of some of the world's most influential figures but also universally renowned businesses. We are, of course, referring to none other than pink.

Pink has been a go-to for fashion designers, artists, painters, architects, and a staple in the wardrobes of everyday women since time immemorial. It conveys a plethora of emotions, from fuchsia that radiates passion to rose that embodies femininity and coral that exudes a jet-setting summer aura. Pink, in its many multifaceted forms and variations, has become so integral to our internalized color database that it instantly conjures a myriad of powerful emotions based on the context of its utilization. That being said, today we're looking back at the breathtaking MOD Design Events projects for the Lootah family's wedding. It serves as an elegant, powerful reminder that a key color can truly create an otherworldly wedding experience.

Named "The New Versailles," this wedding merged the renowned Parisian sensibilities of Marie Antoinette's time at The Palace of Versailles with the decadent nature of the Middle East. In this symbiosis, structural elements and colors drew inspiration from both French architecture and design elements, alongside attributes from the Middle East, to create a bespoke palatial structure that sprawled 17,000 square feet on the grounds of the Lootah family's estate.

Eight million stems of gypsum, each individually hand-painted and dried in the signature MOD style, were delicately affixed to the ceiling of the structure. Elsewhere, custom furniture, pillars, wall coverings, flowers, and chandeliers in French crystal lined the inside of this fantastical palace of pink.

The key to designing and successfully executing an event with such a powerful color is simple, yet complex in its simplicity. Rather than utilizing a single shade of pink, the MOD team creates an undulating effect of color that moves from darker to lighter shades, exuding effortless beauty. Design elements such as table decor, floral arrangements, and lighting are also given the same design treatment, with no evident striking contrasts, allowing the signature shade of the evening itself to speak a language of unperturbed love.

Pink is not just a colour, it is an emotion

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events