Wellness in Design | Expand & Evolve

Wellness is a mindset, but in order to continually cultivate that mindset one must seek out practices and practitioner’s that are attuned to a higher consciousness or possess an innate wisdom that impacts a profound change. Yes, we’re aware that this sounds very different to our typical subject matter but today we’re exploring our work with the renowned wellness group Expand & Evolve.

First things first, Concept by MOD is the sister branch of MOD Design Events. It serves as our connective branch, handling all private, corporate, VIP, and occasion-based events outside of the wedding arena. It is through CBM that we pursued a meaningful alliance with Dubai-based wellness organization, Expand and Evolve.

Expand and Evolve fosters spaces for individuals who are looking to come together and expand their capacity for compassion, creativity, and joy in a soul-enriching journey. To truly understand what it takes to design an outdoor retreat experience that focuses on elevating human consciousness, we embarked on an intense and thought-provoking research process.

Our approach focused on earthly materials such as wood, canvas, and linen (to name a few), paired with natural textiles woven and spun to exude and exemplify the intricacy, simplicity, and profound beauty of nature. It was vital for us to work with both respect for these materials and the principles of Expand and Flow in order to create a truly magical space that would act as a nurturing cocoon for its participants.

The final design that came together was a custom-built structure crafted with sheer love, mutual connectivity, and a profound understanding of the intended goals set in our conversations with the brand. Below, we hope you will experience the energy that emanates from this one-of-a-kind activation

To create profound design, one must create with love and understanding.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events