Could Cannes-Style Inspire your Wedding?

It's been all over our social media feeds and society news alerts—we are, in fact, referring to the Cannes Film Festival, 2024. But why is this of interest to us, or to you for that matter? Read on to find out…

The Cannes Film Festival

Has long been an essential event on the social calendars of everyone from A-listers to politicians and royalty, marking the second biggest social affair of the fashion calendar (the first being The Met Gala). But glamorous events aside, how do the goings-on at Cannes have any relevance to us as wedding designers? The secret lies in the red carpet looks.

Fashion, Change & More

Yes, the red carpet at Cannes has swiftly become a showcase of personal style. Fashion often reflects social consciousness and acts as a historical moniker, dating as far back as Ancient Rome when clothing was used to display social status between the classes. More classical examples of this are evident in 1920s Paris, France, when Coco Chanel first introduced trousers for women, thereby pioneering a movement in women's liberation from the corsetry and conventions of the time. In the 1950s, we see Christian Dior’s introduction of The New Look, a stark contrast to the bland and ultra-modest dress of post-war France. In the Middle East, notable figures such as Huda Sha’rawi in Egypt are internationally recognized as pioneers in the women’s movement. Huda’s advocacy for women’s education and her removal of the veil and mantle that were part of female attire in 1922 caused an uproar and a shift in the traditionally male-led societal system, highlighting once more fashion's power to influence change and set precedence.

Today, we see...

fashion's continued resilience in highlighting the collective consciousness even more with empowered women like actress Cate Blanchett and supermodel Bella Hadid, each of whom respectively paid homage to the Palestinian cause in subtle yet captivating fashion choices at Cannes. These very choices are often deeply linked to the choices we make as designers. The looks we see on runway shows, read about in Vogue, or witness at global society events often highlight colors, textiles, fabrications, and ideas that are painstakingly researched and developed to echo the mood of the moment. To an onlooker or ordinary observer, it may seem that these events and dresses serve no other purpose but the superficial. Quite the contrary, they create a tsunami of trends that ripple outward far beyond the clothing industry and into the realms of wedding design, art, film, music, and much more. With this understanding, we highlight the potential wedding trends extracted from the looks at the Cannes Film Festival, 2024.

A Wedding of Metallics

Hunter Schafer in Armani Privé showcases a liquid mercurial style that has us reaching for futuristic textiles and a color palette of contemporary secondary colors. The simple structure of the dress has us thinking of traditional styles with a modern update..

A Wedding of Icy Layers

Rawdah Mohamed in Cheney Chan has us dreaming of Antarctica-inspired Kosha backdrops. Think curving layers, gossamer fabrications, and glass that reflects a soft yet romantic light across the wedding hall.

Old Hollywood Vibes

Barbara Palvin’s ultra-feminine Givenchy gown evokes old-Hollywood style splendor. Its simplicity can translate into a wedding design that pays homage to one's roots while embracing the modernist architectural styles of today. We picture floral arrangements of dusky greys and mint green contrasted with tables of deep emerald marble.

Inspiration can often come from the most unlikely of places. But, it is often ever present in our day to day lives.


Bold Angles Decor

Demi Moore in Schiaparelli inspires an avant-garde bridal style. Think neutral shades with bold angles; structured but soft.

Crimson is the colour..

Rawdah Mohamed in Vintage Christian Dior showcases a running thread in the old-world glamour trend at Cannes. The full skirt, hat, and rich crimson color have us dreaming of a wedding rich in one signature color tone.

Colour Blocking Decor

Cate Blanchett’s custom Jean Paul Gaultier dress has had many in awe. Its unique approach to color blocking has us envisioning a wedding design of pastels contrasted with a signature jewel tone. Think Marie Antoinette meets Umm Kulthum.

Modernist Neutrals for 2024

Anya Taylor-Joy’s ethereal Christian Dior gown in a bare-blush color has us thinking of futuristic neutrals and centerpieces of glossy beige.