Digital Wedding Invitations – The Power of Contemporary Design

Conventionalism in the wedding design sector politely exited the main stage the moment Instagram surpassed Facebook in terms of creative expression. After all, what bride doesn’t love a tastefully curated series of images, reels and live stories that perfectly showcase the ongoings of their special day? The day and age of social media has brought all of us squarely into the center of the digital age and with it the modernization of the entire wedding industry.

The Modern Bride

It wasn’t so long ago that brides-to-be would opt for fine stationary as a means of conveying the immaculately conceived theme of their special day, with family and friends. But, with the rising rates of deforestation, climate change and a return to post-pandemic living, society has grown to reflect a renewed mindset that embraces the beauty of the digital.

TIndeed, what would have been considered cold and robotic in the past has now emerged as a limitless reservoir of creative possibilities (bonus points for eco-consciousness) and it is from this reservoir that we drew our idea for the digital invitations of Dina & Beng; a young couple whose wedding we titled The Daydream.

The New Approach

The couple, chose to opt for custom animated invitations that would be shared to potential guests. This bespoke digital invitation when opened via Whatsapp would then lead guests to a custom-built website by the MOD DESIGN EVENTS team where details of the wedding including times, venue, dress codes, location-amenities and more were segregated into detailed informational sections. Thereby condensing important wedding details into one platform in a style that artfully echoed the theme of the wedding; a dreamy yet modern design deriving inspiration from Grecian architecture and textures paired with the idea of nostalgic love.

The Final Product

Experience the beauty of this one-of-a-kind wedding invitation by clicking here. For continued inspiration visit the official MOD DESIGN EVENTS Instagram page.

The Outlook

As we continue to design, construct and develop themes, concepts and ideas for our clients we strive to create purposeful design that not only articulates their vision but showcases the profound skill and conceptualisation of Dubai-based design firms such as MOD.

Inspired by nostalgic memories of eternal love The Daydream derives inspiration from Grecian textures and contemporary aesthetics. A story of modern love.

- The Daydream: A Nostalgic Romance