Discover the Elegance: Why Orchids Belong at Your Wedding

Orchids have long been a source of inspiration for designers and artists alike. But, what makes them the perfect addittion to your wedding? Read on to find out...

The Orchid

The Chinese were the first to cultivate orchids as medicinal plants more than 4,000 years ago, before news of these mysterious blooms spread, reaching the Middle East and Europe. In the Victorian Era of 1818, a craze for Orchidaceae began, attributed to a trip taken by British biologist John Swainson, who allegedly used them as packing material in a cart bound for England and Brazil. One bloomed during the voyage, and its striking colors set off Orchidelirium—a term fabulously coined to describe the orchid obsession that lasted until the 1920s. Suffice to say, the power of orchids rippled through time, all the way into the offices of famed fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, whose style defined American fashion of the 1970s. In fact, Halston allegedly had a budget of $150,000 for orchids alone! Such was his fondness for this exotic bloom.

Orchids in Modern Times...

Orchids have, in modern times, remained as timeless as the rose. However, while the latter has rather classical romantic connotations, the orchid is far more mysterious and exotic—a strangely beautiful thing that moves between cool minimalism and modernist warmth. This versatility makes them the perfect flower for the home, fashion, and wedding design, as they artfully blend into any chosen style. Over at MOD HQ, our newest wedding theme,Floral Futurism, saw the bride's fondness for the bloom appear across the ballroom in exactly 2,000 stems. According to Mohammad Alhouri, Co-founder of MOD, “Orchids are adventurous yet elegant; they highlight a boldness of the heart with an emphasis on timelessness.” Here are the six reasons why orchids should be the central flower of your wedding design:

Things to Know

1. Variety and Versatility: There are over 28,000 species of orchids, each more unusual and exotic than the other. No matter your theme, chances are high there's an orchid species that complements it.

2. Non-conventional Appeal: Orchids are non-conventional. They are the perfect wedding choice for brides who want an alternative aesthetic to classical styles.

3. Modernist Beauty: Orchids in shades of white exude modernist beauty. For the modern bride, the intricate yet simplistic shape and structure of these blooms are the perfect choice.


Orchids are a symbol of purity, hope, respect, and reverence. They offer the perfect tribute to brides wishing to celebrate both past and present.

5. Historical Significance:

Orchids have historical roots and associations with nobility. The late Queen Elizabeth is said to have personally requested orchids for her 1947 wedding bouquet (pictured above) and in modern times, orchids are found in the homes of both nobility and royalty.

6. Captivating Presence:

They’re simply captivating! Whether hand-painted on wallpaper, serving as inspiration for a dress, or hand-sculpted into a 2-meter bridal entrance structure, orchids continue to be the flower for the bride who defines her own path. Pictured left): Designer Rose Uniackes orchids bloom in her at-home conservatory. 2-meter bridal entrance structure

Orchids are adventurous yet elegant; they highlight a boldness of the heart with an emphasis on timelessness


Image Credits: Ewan McGregor stars as Roy Halston Frowick, pictured here in a scene from Halston on netflix | 2. Floral Futurism by MOD Design Events | 3. Modle showcases an orchid inspired ensemble by Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2010 by John Galliano | 4. Orchid Sculpture at Floral Futurism by MOD Design Events | 5. Regal orchids at Rodarte F/W 2020 | 6. A blooming wall of orchids at Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2014 | 7. Designer Rose Uniacke's orchids at home | 8. A view of the magical ambience at Floral Futurism by MOD Design Events | 8. Marchesa's S/S 2012 delictae orchid details | 9. Fresh orchids at Floral Futurism by MOD Design Events