Khaleeji Weddings: The MOD Interview

Khaleeji weddings is a household name in the GCC-focused wedding market and if you aren’t in the know then a quick browse over on Instagram (Khaleeji weddings on Instagram) and you’ll fall head over heels in love with a page that’s dedicated - heart and soul to the beauty, splendor and inimitable extravagance of Middle Eastern weddings. Today, we sit down with the renowned owner of the brand in an exclusive interview paired alongside imagery from MOD weddings and sumptuous Haute Couture gowns by beloved brands.

Tell us about the brand. How did it begin and what is its purpose?

The brand originated as a modest wedding diary and inspiration, much like any girl's journey. However, what initially began as an inspirational page evolved into a significant success, attracting numerous followers who resonate with a shared appreciation for Khaleeji aesthetics. This prompted a realization of the importance of sharing more about Khaleeji weddings, and the brand’s purpose was established based on this vision.

In your opinion how do Arab weddings differ from European weddings?

In our perspective, each culture holds its unique beauty and charm. Arab weddings, in particular, distinguish themselves through a deep-seated commitment to hospitality and honoring guests, a value ingrained in our culture. We are nurtured to celebrate this spirit every day of our lives. This emphasis on hospitality sets Arab weddings apart, offering the best in everything – from exquisite cuisine to the captivating scent of Oud. This creates an atmosphere where guests not only feel welcomed but truly cherished | Pictured alongside MOD's Field of Dreams wedding and vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Since the inception of Khaleeji Weddings there are several other businesses that try an emulate the same format. What makes Khaleeji Weddings content special?

Khaleeji Weddings stands out not just as a business but as a network of carefully chosen success partners since the beginning. We understand our audience intimately because we are naturally part of it. Our success lies in seamlessly delivering work that mirrors our essence and celebrations. It’s not imitation; our content is an authentic expression of who we are. In the world of media, we bring a unique authenticity that speaks to our audience in a language they truly understand.

As industry experts with celebrated knowledge of the wedding scene what are the major trends you see in 2024 (wedding dresses, trends, wedding design, etc)

As seasoned industry experts with a profound understanding of the wedding landscape, our advice remains timeless: keeping away from fleeting trends and embracing the classics. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it's wiser to be safe than sorry. However, we advocate infusing a personal touch into the theme, something that genuinely reflects your identity. We also appreciate minimalism – a style that allows you to shine as a true piece of art and focal point of the day. So, shine bright! |Pictured alongside Gaurav Gupta's Haute Couture and MOD's Midnight Meadow wedding.

Of all the weddings you’ve covered do you have any favourites? If, so, what made them special?

Oh, picking favorites is tough! We genuinely adore all our brides. Many of them have become dear friends – after all, we've witnessed them in their bridezilla moments (just kidding!). But in all seriousness, each wedding holds a special place in our hearts. We're immensely proud of every single one, and this is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to them all for letting us be part of their most special day!

What are the best venues to host large weddings and why?

Our top picks for hosting large weddings are Adnec and St Regis Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, Trade Center, Grand Hyatt, and Four Seasons in Dubai, and Al Jowaher in Sharjah. We personally love these venues for their exceptional spaces and services, making them ideal choices for grand celebrations. | Pictured alongside Balenicaga Haute Couture and MOD's The New Versailles wedding.

One piece of advice to a bride that’s planning her special day…

Stay organized! Trust your instincts and don't second-guess what you're sure about and want. Avoid distractions and always kick off with a mood board. It'll simplify your life and everyone else involved.

Stay organized! Trust your instincts and don't second-guess what you're sure about and want. Avoid distractions and always kick off with a mood board. It'll simplify your life and everyone else involved.

- Khaleeji Weddings