MOD ILLUSTRATIONS: Inside & Arabic Wedding

In the pursuit of innovation within the luxury wedding sphere, MOD is thrilled to introduce a unique collection of hand painted illustrations capturing the enchantment of Middle Eastern weddings. Depicting guests amidst our opulent setups, this set of two images skillfully conveys the luxurious and mesmerizing ambiance of local weddings, offering international clients and those beyond this enchanting realm a glimpse into the splendor of these settings when populated by guests.

What sets this innovation apart is the rarity of photographs featuring guests in the context of Emirati weddings, typically reserved for the families involved. Our handpainted illustrations break this norm, providing a global audience with a vivid representation of what a luxury Emirati wedding truly looks like when attended by guests.

Illustration Details:

These meticulously crafted illustrations, spanning 950 hours, are delicately hand painted using a mixed-media approach with a primary watercolour base. Each image presents an imaginative rendition of the guests in attendance, showcasing their unique attire inspired by the actual event attendees and weaving a distinct narrative for each.

The Waltz of the Tassels

Titled "Waltz of The Tassels" for the Al Subousi family, this project showcases an entirely custom-built interior—a MOD signature. Featuring 9-meter high hand-painted tassels, hand-blown glass spheres, and lavish crimson floral arrangements, the wedding celebrates the opulence of the Middle East and the bride's affinity for tassels. Renowned singer Ahlam Alshamsi was the musical highlight of the event.

The New Versailles

This project, echoing waves of pink, is titled "The New Versailles" and is dedicated to the Lootah family. It boasts over eight million stems of delicately dried and hand-painted gypsum, embodying the evening's theme. The 17,000-square-foot bespoke structure, hand-built on the Lootah family property, featured on-site experts, builders, architects, and more, creating an unforgettable architectural spectacle. The interior housed hand-assembled crystal chandeliers from Paris, casting reflections and mirroring speckles of light across the pink interiors.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we create