Welcome to the MOD Dreamscape. Exclusively on the MOD Blog we showcase a variating series of captivating digital art created to inspire the senses.

"Let these captivating images inspire the senses. AI (short for artificial intelligence) should (and can) be used as a tool to inspire.Rather than replicate existing design this innovative technology allows us to present new design concepts in a way that was previously impossible. In Vol.2 of the MODDREAMSCAPE we explore a series inspired by themes of HOPE, RENEWAL and LOVE. Themes that the world need during trying times

Designing with HOPE, RENEWAL and LOVE as the core focus this series explores a world unencumbered by war, famine and poverty. In this world all things are illuminated by optimism, light and joy echoed in the light colours and bountiful flora.

These A.I techniques allow us to put forth design ideas that speak to the collective consciousness of society at this given time. In this series viewers and clients feel a sense of eternal optimism, a future that is bright and full of endless opportunities.

The following images are but a fragment of what we at MOD develop for clients choosing to design their special day with us. But, this particular series is also dedicated to those that need HOPE and LIGHT now more than ever. Browse the gallery of these unique images and derive inspiration from these incredible images

Design with purpose will always stand above the rest.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events