Welcome to the MOD Dreamscape. Exclusively on the MOD Blog we showcase a variating series of captivating digital art created to inspire the senses.

Let these captivating images inspire the senses. AI (short for artificial intelligence) should (and can) be used as a tool to inspire.Rather than replicate existing design this innovative technology allows us to present new design concepts in a way that was previously impossible. In Vol.3 of the MODDRMSCP we explore a series inspired by folkloric forest castles.

These images inspire the senses and the mind. They set off the spark that becomes a greater idea or provides the viewer with the starting point for their design journey with us. Let your imagination expand as you explore these images.

Textures and colours play a vital role in the creation of any special event. As we wade through the glory of a New Year let your adventurous spirit soar – embrace vibrant teals, forest greens, metallic accents and more.

VOL:3 of the MODDRMSCP highlights deeper color tones pushing the boundaries of the traditional wedding colour palette that has remained fairly unchanged for decades. But ultimately this series is to be viewed and experienced as merely an inspirational tool on your journey towards designing your perfect day. Browse the gallery of these unique images and derive inspiration from these incredible images

Design with purpose will always stand above the rest.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events