Quite often, what is showcased across the digital media of many wedding design businesses is the glossy, perfectly lacquered finished outcome of a wedding design. However, what very few people are privy to is the countless hours, painstaking effort, and sheer manpower that go into building the design itself.

Today, on the MOD Blog, we showcase a series of images from our design for Her Royal Highness Sheikha Hissa bint Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Henna Night. The project, which involved accommodating six hundred of the GCC’s elite female royals, required the construction of a custom structure on the grounds of Zabeel Palace in Dubai.

While many of our avid followers and readers have seen the breathtaking design across our social media channels, these unreleased images highlight the importance of the right team and the physical effort it takes to construct and develop a project of this magnitude.

Adorned with over six million stems of lavender imported from Paris, 7-meter-high stone-carved artworks mirroring the evening's theme of celebrating heritage and modernity, the final structure stood as a captivating symbiosis of past and present. The bespoke design featured functioning comfort stations, hand-carved stone dining tables, a powder room, an arched entrance walkway, over 30,000 hydrangeas, and assorted blooms in the evening's shade (lavender), all encapsulated under a custom-made glass dome—a testament to MOD Design Events' visionary approach.

This article also pays homage to our team of on-site team members, architects, workforce managers, builders, carpenters, furniture developers and more. It is a tribute and celebration of all those who believe in the power of design. The end result and self-sufficient structure rose 9-metres in height and spanned over 4000 sqr.ft. Browse the gallery of these unique images and enjoy the official film on our digital media channels.

Design with purpose will always stand above the rest.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events