The Bridgerton Bridal Trends

It’s here and we know you know exactly what we’re talking about! Season 3 of Bridgerton is out on Netflix, and it’s already the most-watched TV show on the streaming platform as of May 21, 2024! So, whether you’re a newbie to the Bridgerton universe or an avid fan, we’re breaking down exactly why we love the show and why it’s a go-to for brides looking for inspiration.

About Bridgerton

"Bridgerton," the dazzling period drama series produced by Shonda Rhimes, transports viewers to the opulent world of Regency-era London, where romance, scandal, and intrigue unfold against a backdrop of breathtaking ballrooms and sumptuous costumes. Narrated by the sharp-witted Lady Whistledown, whose gossip columns keep the ton on their toes, the show weaves together the passionate lives of the Bridgerton family and their peers. With its lush cinematography, diverse cast, and modern twists on historical storytelling, "Bridgerton" captivates audiences by blending timeless themes of love and societal expectation with a fresh, contemporary sensibility.

Why is it a regional favorite?

While we can only assume, Bridgerton’s unique spin on period dramas and its general sensibilities speak to the court-like structure of the regional lifestyle. After all, with a reported 21 billionaires residing in Dubai, U.A.E. (according to Emirates247.com), there’s an infinite desire for the next innovation, be it in designer clothing, a new restaurant, an automobile, or even the next big wedding design! It’s no wonder then that the show's lavish sets, modest and polite mannerisms, and exquisite style are a hit with Dubai’s society.

Why BRIDES must watch this show

Bridgerton’s approach to set design, style, and architectural details in Regency-era London is an infinite font of inspiration for brides-to-be planning their wedding. We’ve summarized the top five reasons why.

The 5 TRENDS from Bridgerton Season 3

The Color Palette: Old meets new in an electrifying color palette that screams elegance, refinement, luxury, and femininity. Think buttercup yellows accented by moonlight silver or baby blue with gold-dusted mint. The color stories are endless.

The Floral Arrangements:

Regency-style meets the modern age. Think larger-than-life arrangements and palatial gardens. The show’s approach to floral design comes courtesy of world-renowned florist, stylist, and designer Phillip Corps, who worked with the show’s set decorators to create the mesmerizing and captivating blooms. Even the smallest one you glimpse is enough to inspire your table centerpieces.

The Costumes

We shudder at even calling these exquisitely crafted pieces costumes, but the garments showcased in the show can undoubtedly double as the perfect wedding dress inspiration. From beaded sleeves to baby-link lush hand-paiette coats and feathers aplenty, one doesn’t quite know where to look!

Ultimately, what makes the perfect wedding design is your interpretation of your inspiration. It is you that makes the design special.


The Hair & Makeup:

Fashion aside, who can ignore the elaborate hairstyles? Mainly Queen Charlotte's, who at one point in the season had a crystal swan moving within her tower-high wig—now that’s luxury! But, if we’re looking at more grounded wedding styles, the simple bow with loose ringlets, Penelope’s side-swept locks, or even Cressida Cowper’s jaw-dropping tiara-tiered updo can inspire.

The Landscaping & Sets:

With many a ball and soirée present in Season 3, there are design details aplenty to take note of for your wedding. One of the earlier soirées in the season showcases deep red velvet curtains on the exterior of the palace with an interior bursting with potted blooms that sprawl across mantles and table-tops. Let your imagination soar with these exquisite details. Ultimately, what makes the perfect wedding design is your interpretation of your inspiration. It is you that makes the design special.