The World of Mod Design Events

In a region steeped with rich cultural practices and recognized for its renowned decadence how does one redefine the design scape and bring it into the contemporary? Mohammad Alhouri and Sanad Ibrahim strive to explore this through modernity in design and a profound understanding of the past.

The Story

Following a string of successful projects revolving around luxury events and custom flower installations Mohammad & Sanad took the plunge and created Mod Design in 2019 to rave reviews. The luxury event company that is based in the heart of Dubai melds a love of heritage values with the opulence of the Middle East and a sense of supreme modernity.

The brands unique point of view meticulously formulated by its founders lies in its mesmeric approach to design that isn’t defined by the past but rather, inspired by the storied design principles of the Middle East in symbiosis with modern design values. The result? A brand that is reflective of the time; current, unapologetic and undeniably elegant.

The Founders

Mohammad Alhouri and Sanad Ibrahim operate this proudly locally owned business. The duo started the brand as a means of providing the discerning clients of the GCC with a contemporary take on an otherwise largely unchanged industry.

The Business

Mod Design Events, Dubai is a 360 creative solutions company based in the luxury sector that provides services for brides seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding day experience and private clients looking for out-of-the-box event design.

The Now

As 2023 rolls on, Mod Design Events continue to surge forward with an ever-growing roster of elite clients both local and international. The future, as they say is LIMITLESS.

Inspired by Shibui; the Japanese word for an aesthetic that represents simplicity, subtlety and unobtrusive beauty we formulated the design for the wedding you see below.

- Shibui: The Grove of Mist