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Purple has a storied history in the Middle East, originating in the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre, where dye was extracted from the rare murex sea snail. Middle Eastern traders spread it across the Mediterranean, where it adorned the robes of emperors and royalty, becoming a symbol of power and opulence.

Lilac, a softer shade of purple, also has its roots in the Middle East. It was cherished for its gentle, calming tone and was used to adorn textiles and decorative art.

Unlike the intense Tyrian purple, lilac's delicate hue suggested subtlety and refinement creating a plethora of uses across art, interiors, fashion, textiles and more. Most recently lilac has continued to captivate across the globe both on international runway shows by designers such as Georges Hobeika and Elie Saab and royals such as Queen Rania of Jordan.

Ultinately MOD'S love of this unique shade is deeply ingrained in the brands Middle Eastern heritage and in turn its usage across MOD weddings is an organic story of heritage and refinement. Let this trend alert inspire you when planning your special day

Design with purpose will always stand above the rest.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events