Flowers play an integral role in the outcome of your special day. In fact, it is one of the three vital questions a client inquires about along the design journey with MOD. The right flower styles can truly make or break an event. So, today we’ve compiled our top three moments from MOD’s 2023 archive to present you with an abundance of inspiration for your special day.

JEWEL TONES | For what seems like forever darker colours have been shunned by wedding specialists but to quote music legend Bob Dylan ‘The times, they are-a changin!’ Darker shades and jewel tones have a definite resurgence in the regional and international wedding markets with bespoke colour matching techniques ensuring that whatever your preferred choice the blooms match the vision! Burgundy, amethyst, emerald and languid lilac are amongst our top favourites.

NEW-AGE PINK | It would be foolish to ignore the abundance of pink that has resurfaced ( did pink ever really die?) with the biggest film release of the season; Barbie. While, our clients have less commercial sources of inspiration the power of pink sees a significant boost this season and is projected to stay strong well into the future because pink, like more neutral shades has a special kind of magic that is simply timeless. We recommend utilising larger quantities of gypsophila to create volume and stay within budget.

EXOTICA | Everyones looking for something new. As social media continues to be a driving factor in trend spotting we find that the more obscure the variety of blooms the better it is for the client. The most unique types of orchids artfully gathered with more traditional variations and paired with bespoke colours can create wondrous results. When meeting with your wedding planner don’t forget to ask about customisation for your centrepieces and venue flowers. At MOD we work with a variety of unique materials from handprinted feathers to dried stalks and specifically developed plant varieties.

While we pride ourselves on developing and creating one-of-a-kind luxury weddings we understand that not every bride has the budgetary requirements for a couture experience. However, as we consistently tell clients - its about the vision. When you develop an idea, all other elements fall into place in a more efficient manner. Colour matching for example can be applied to make a less expensive flower look instantly more decadent whereas dried variations can be utilised for similarly splendid results.

Imagination and the ability to transmute ideas into reality is ones greatest gift.

- Mohammad Alhouri | MOD Design Events